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If Apple releases a 4g iPhone that doesn't Multi-task they will become the laughing stock of the mobile industry.
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A better notification system would be what I'd most covet.

Unlike the plethora of NTers, I can live/enjoy my phone without multitasking. In fact, I enjoy it not having that capability. Throughout the many phones I've owned, I rarely ever used multitask functionality.

Though, a counterpoint would be, just because they allow it, wouldn't mean I'd have to use it.
Joined Dec 29, 2004
should i leave this thread up? i requested to delete bc i totally forgot that we had a 300+ page iPhone thread already..
BTW, LazyJ.. agreed.. since Push notifications came out, i've yet to complain once about that lack of multi-functionality.. it'd be nice to have with certain apps.. but it wont be a must for me.. i just really fancy Androids/WebOS notifications set-up. 
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