Delonte West coming to a Home Depot near you vol. Checks ain't coming in....

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Just saw this on JRIB....

But West — a graduate of Greenbelt’s Eleanor Roosevelt High School — won’t let a little no-fly rule keep him from finding an alternative cash flow during the lockout. Following in the footsteps of Ron Artest, who applied to work at Circuit City during his rookie season with the Chicago Bulls, West tweeted last week that he filled out an application to work at Home Depot.


Could be a joke...or it could be another case of a NBA player living beyond their means....I gotta think it's a joke. 
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Maybe he really is just trying to find something to do during the lockout, ain't like there many more options for him out there
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Well he does know how to lay pipe, word to the Chosen One's mom.

Sorry had to.

Okay fine, I gotta get one more.

Some people need help mowing Delon. Takin advice from from a pro would help.
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Originally Posted by DoubleJs07

Originally Posted by Bean Pie Slanga

How much has he made in his career?

I could live comfortably off 50K/year in California.

Delonte is well off with all dat' NBA money.

I wouldn't be so sure of that.

A normal human being could live his entire life off that money. Delonte though?
You already know he spent 99% of that money on dumb @#$%
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^ You went to Roosevelt? I was class of '05.

He's been known for his antics since HS, so I really don't doubt that this is real.
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Originally Posted by 6dollaBURGER

Well he does know how to lay pipe, word to the Chosen One's mom.
You're commenting on another man's pipe game. What's wrong with you?
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