Denver, CO NTers where can you actually find shoes?

Mar 10, 2007
I saw the Colorado NTers check in form but I thought i should make this. I have noticed most of my collection I have bought online because colorado doesn't have the best places to buy limited kicks. was wondering if anyone actually knew any places that carried some nice Jordans and AF1s and Lebrons and Kobes. Don't say things like the Finishline in Cherry Creek mall because I've checked most of those and all i see is a pair of nike shox. Well...
Any help would be nice
Thanks in advance
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You'd probably get more responses in the CO NT'ers thread.

Personally tho', Citadel down in the Springs is OK, but I find myself in Denver alot at random shoe stores. No set buying area...whoever has what I want at the time I guess.
If you are lookin for Jordans, Forces, Kobes and Lebrons, you should go to Shoe Extreme (LS account) at Westminister Mall, or Niketown. Westminster Mall also has a Champs, Finishline, Footlocker too. They all got a lot of Jordans a Westminister. Other than that maybe Aurora Mall too. Cherry Creek aint ghetto enough to have good kicks. Niketown has the most AF1's. The 400 on larimer should be carrying Jordans soon, and the got some dope dunks and air max's too. Both 400 have good nikes, but NO Jordans, and most of thieir nikes you can get at niketown.

I am assuming you have been to Niketown. check em out. They got a bad a bad rep in this thread, but i have had good experiences there. Once i went there like 6 months after the mists came out, and they had some there. They were like 10$ over suggested retail, but i didnt give a @#%$, i love mists.

I buy most of my shoes online too. Mainly cuz i been buyin older stuff. But also cuz i live in the mountains an hour from denver. And id rather not wait in line, id rather even pay more than campout.
You JFly, thank you for your help.

I got my best friend today and we drove up to West Minister Mall, looking to go to Shoe Extreme all happy because I thought it was gonna be awesome.

Long story short, it wasn't


Thank you anyways, like you My man J, i will stick to buying online
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You know my Real Name's Trip by now, don't you?
Shoe extreme is not that great, imo people just go there cause there is no where else to go. If I was you I would give the 400 a shot, check out

They dont carry jordans but word is they are soon to finally have a jordan account(with any luck by the aquas). Most nikes, adidas and stuff you can find there, also they have a good selection of clothes that you cant find at a lot of places. And the 25th and larimer store is looking pretty nice. All in all I doubt if you took a visit you would leave disappointed. (and no I am in no way affiliated with the 400).

But beyond that its niketown for limited jays, nikes, general releases you can catch at most footactions and stuff. BTW sometimes the internet is still your best option.
YEAH. so Shoe Extreme aint Flight Club, but it still is one of the top three or four shoe store in colorado. And for basketball shoes its the best place besides Nike Town. the 400 has some good stuff, but no jordans or sb's, Some dope air maxs and forces. They got a lot of adidas, puma, ect..... and a dope clothing selection. I got my pistol petes there. Nike Town is my favorite. The Jordan Room and that back Room with all the forces and retro air maxs is sick.

top five in colorado Nike Town, Emage, Shoe Extreme, The 400, Unsoled

I perfer online though cuz i like to buy older releases that arent in stores that i didnt have money for when they came out
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