DETROIT questions (motor city bowl)

May 18, 2004
im making a trip up to detriot dec. 26th to see my middle tennessee state blue raiders play against central michigan in the MCB at ford field. i'll probably only be in detriot for a total of maybe 10 hours, any suggestions on things i should check out? best malls, closest to the stadium? yea basically, anything thats relivant that you guys thing i should check out before/after the game.

btw, any NTers going to the motor city bowl?
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Well the good news is that the city is slept on, the bad news is that everything is away from the city. So go North on I-75 to (and this is no joke) exit 69 and the road is named big beaver (again no joke). go west untill you hit coolidge highway (about 1 mile and not really a highway), and you hit the "best mall" its name Sommerset collection, it has (and I mean this literally) everything that rodeo drive in beverly hills has!!!!

if you want the best shoe mall, Northland center, 9 mile and greenfield (mapquest it).

stores. Puffer reds (way west of detroit, I-94 to huron street exit and head north to michigan ave)....closest thing to a tier 0 we have here.

If you dont want to travel that far, birmingham (30 mins north of the city) has a premium SB account and its called POGO's skateshop.

All so in royal oak (also just north of the city) is a store called Burn Rubber (dope spot), it is the only all shoe spot in the city.

all so run a yellowpages check for Mr. Alans, its our version of Dr. jays...its a dope spot and there are 7 in the metro detroit area.

hope this all helps!!! Hit me up if you need anyting else.
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appreciate it man, not much of a shoehead (anymore atleast), any place where i could pick up some ralph lauren polos and maybe some lacoste, direct me there please.

traveling from nashville tn, going to be a long trip i wont forget my coat. its been a nice 60 degrees down here all this week
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appreciate it man, not much of a shoehead (anymore atleast), any place where i could pick up some ralph lauren polos and maybe some lacoste, direct me there please.

that summerset collection mall is the best place for that like he described.
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You might want your hat and mittens too

Thank goodness I'm going to be in sunny Pasadena this year for my post-christmas celebrations.
For polos, there's always the Birch Run outlets. It's a good bit northwest of the D, but outlet prices nonetheless.
DETRIOT? Very funny. Had to say something...
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Is dead on with everything, but I hate "best mall" its name Sommerset collection", if you black, some spots there you get the "look, as if you dont suppose to be there or something", so thats why I have only been there ONCE in my whole 21 years of being alive and living in Detroit.

You can pick up polos and everything at macy's. Its on in every mall.

Tell me this, where will you be stayin?? Donwtown Detroit? One day, two days?? What are you lookin to get into while here?? Clubs? Casino? Want to go to Canada and go to Clubs and Casino there??

If you tell me what you tryin to get into, then I have all the info you will need, or I will find it for you.

Pistons also got a game later on that night....

PM me
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Hey cuz check out mr alan's(for nikes) right now and i guarantee you will find something and get at me. If you need locations they are

Mr Alan's Redford(Telegraph & I-96)
Mr Alan's Dearborn(Greenfield & Michigan)
Mr Alan's Eastland(8 Mile & Vernier)
Mr Alan's Hamtramck(Jos Campau btwn Caniff & Holbrook)
Mr Alan's Royal Oak(Woodward & 11 Mile)Clerance Center
Mr Alan's Southfield (Southfield & 12 Mile)
For polos, there's always the Birch Run outlets

the howell outlets have a polo spot, too. i'm not sure which is closer to detroit.
hail to the victors, baby.
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WANTED: SPLATTER DUNK LOWS...11.5...i really mean it.
Howell is busted, they never get anything out there. and for the record howell is closer, but was just out at the birch run outlets....

peep these deals,
of course no mens nike, but girls was on fire, they still have dope samples so for all of you girls or those with girls, hit it up.

Polo has purple lable on sale, picked up a tie and socks for 15% of retail.

Northface has super sick deals on jackets and shells (black shells, $50)

not the best outlet trip, but none the less, it gave me the chance to eat 2 pounds of bacon at tony's.
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"best mall" its name Sommerset collection
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i feel you on sommerset. that place is wack as hell. i was in there looking for a dress for a wedding and while i was there i figured i would stop at a champs or footlocker or something of the sort bc i wanted to see the pink/grey Vs in person before i made a decision to buy them. the people in the stores didnt have a clue what i was talking about, and were rude as hell and stuck up. the whole time i was thinking "put your nose down, if you only knew how much money was connected to my debit card" my first and last time ill ever be there again.
"Boy would you boss up and get this money"

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