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Apr 30, 2001
I'm heading to detroit for a couple of days what are some good spots to find kicks and jerseys
although not In Detroit, I definetely think you should go over to Devonshire mall in Windsor, because the FL has a ton of af1's, including west indies if you want those. In Detroit, i think you should also go to Fairlane mall which is probably the best mall in the area.
U should hit up any Mr. Alans. Dont sleep they have good shoes and good deals!
Whoo! Finally one for my area.

Mr. Alan's is good for the semi-"rare" stuff like sheeds and they usually get a decent sized shipment of the regular AF1's. Sometimes they have the foams.

I've heard Devonshire mall is good too.

CSLG(It's way to long for me to spell out)- What AF1's in particular right now?
The problem with Devonshire mall is that aside from Footlocker, the other stores SUCK. if you go there, don't expect to find anything good at Champs, Sport Check, or Athlete's World.
new jordans and semi-rare AF1's

There are a couple of them in the metro detroit area:

Mr Alan's Shoes
520 W 11 Mile Rd, Royal Oak, MI, 248-547-7684

Mr Alan's Shoes
15626 W 10 Mile Rd, Southfield, MI, 248-559-7818

Mr Alan's Shoes
29523 Gratiot Ave, Roseville, MI, 586-774-8530
Go to Eastland Mall They got a Finishline and a really good store next to it but the name slips my mind. Went to that store couple months ago saw many AF1, Jordans and Iversons

I believe the mall is on either 9 or Eight Mile
There is another Mr. Alan on Telegraph and 96. I don't know the address though, it's on my way to school.
I know its not in detroit, but maybe it can help the NT'ers in the northern part of michigan.

"Mom & Pop shop in downtown Grand Rapids is called Reynolds and Sons. Right across from the new police station."

Got it from some NT'er awhile ago. Never been there.
The mall I usually go to is Westland, and they have a pretty good Champs. They've also got about 10 different throwback baseball jerseys, and I remeber they had some throwback NBA jackets, sixers, lakers and another team.
What up fellow Detroit and surrounding area NTers! I have to admit that most of the spots u have listed here are indeed good, but IMO we have sleep on one spot.......Northland Mall. Next to Fairlane and maybe Eastland they have a great selection of stores for kicks. From my past experiences, if I was looking for a shoe and Fairlane didn't have it, I would check FL, Champs, FA, etc at Northland and could usually find it. Not to mention, the mall is big enough that u can always find another store to get a hookup to match whatever kicks u are looking for. And low key, sometimes u can hit a lick at the shoe stores at Southland Mall or the Athletes Foot. But the spots that have been listed in these posts are DEFINITELY worth checking out. Maybe even the Nike outlet store at Birch Run or Monroe(not to sure about the selection that the Nike outlet store in Kensington has).

And guest a quick question, since I haven't been to Devonshire Mall in a few can u tell me if they have the Sheeds or the white/navy AF1's in size 12.5(possibly a 12) or 13? Any help from my heads here in the area would be appreciated. Holla!!!!!!!
Sheeds? They wou,ldn't have those, although they still have west indies and they've had horse 2's a month ago. They also have purple/gold Af1 mids which are really hot. And they had the black/red XI's retros until MAY. IF you have extra time, you might also want to go to Windsor crossing outlets, 5 minutes from the border.
true. Wonderland mall is always deserted. But, I have never really been able to come up on anything to special up there. Maybe because it is one of Metro Detroit's smaller malls and besides that it only has 2 shoe stores(FA and FL). I was there yesterday and they had a decent selection of jerseys and other apparel and some hats, but that was about it. Maybe if they added a Champs out there, it would help to bring in more business. What shoe stores does the Windsor Crossing outlet have and what kinda kicks could I expect to get there?
Well I thought Wonderland is okay because I was able to get black/blue 1's when I could find them anywhere else. They also had a ton of good Nike and Jordan t-****s in the summer.Windsor crossing has a Nike outlet, reebok and adias outlet. Also, I was wondering if Oakland mall was any good.
Oakland mall is pretty decent. The athlete's foot is good (get to know the manager and you might be able to get some deals). The footaction on the 1st floor is good too. I'm not a fan of Footlockers and the one in there is pretty bad, IMO.
I use to travel to Auburn Hills on business, and I think there was a Nike Outlet at Birch Run(?). It was north of AH.
Someone asked about what WC outlet has. I went TODAY, and thy had Full size runs of all the 3 different XVII mids, with CDs and Cases. They also had mules for $99 and olvies for $135.
I'm from Grand Rapids but have never gone to Reynolds & Sons, even though I pass it everyday on my way to school, odd huh?
This is some good info the next time I'm in Detroit. I love shopping down there, I find some good deals on dope kicks. As far as the places you guys have mentioned the only places I've been to are Oakland and Birch Run. I' m definately gonna check Fairlane when I get a chance.

Anybody been to the birch run outlet lately? It seems kinda far far from Warren. I think its about an hour drive, but everytime I go its worth the trip. Any info on what they have at Birch Run would be great. I'm looking for XVII mid's, I almost bought my second pair of white/blue one's but decided pass. Holla!
-Holla atcha boy
yeah, Reynolds n Sons is a tight spot, although I haven't been in awhile. GOod lookin' on the info for the "D", cuz I'm goin' there tomorrow!!!
^^I think Great Lakes crossing is about 2 minutes away from the palce. They have an FL and Finshline.

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