Did anybody see NAS @ HOUSE OF BLUES?

May 2, 2007
Did anybody go to the Late Show @ the Hollywood HOB? how long was his set? was it a full 2 hrs?

I was at the early show and after waiting for 2.5 hrs he finally came out @ 10 pm. He only preformed for 50 mins cuz he was running outta time. i felt kinda cheated but he put on a good show so i can't complain.
I also attended the "7:30" show... >:

At first, I thought I was at a Dr. Dre feat. Tha Dogg Pound concert.

The energy that Nas put into his performance more than made up for his extreme tardiness though.

It's hard to hate on the GOAT... :pimp:

Basically, the 1st show got KRS-1 as a special guest and the late show had The Game showing up.
Game went to the late show??? I was at the early show and I went crazy when KRS came out.
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I was at the late show and The Game game out as a guest as well as KRS. Nas killed it, the show actually went on until about 2:15am!
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yo kapone how long did he perform ? and how long was game up there with him?

i was at the 7 30 show as well i was wearing my flips ...he gave a good performance but i felt the same way about being a lil cheated by his short performance....oh and he cancelled san diego show because he said club owners were being racist when he got there with his wife
Esko, he was on for about 1 and a half hours if I remember right. Game came on for two songs and KRS was on for 3 songs. Crazy coincidence, I had my Flips on as well!
"Life is like a dogsled team. If you ain't the lead dog, the scenery never changes."
from what i understand at the SD show he didnt want Kelis getting felt up by security because his whole crew was getting padded down pretty excesively.
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yo krs came on at the end for like two tracks i think ..i was drinking goose and club soda and goose and rockstar so if u seen a drunk dude wit flips and crooks n castles tee that was me lol ...but yeah his performance was crazy in the first show but he should have stayed on for another half hour or so ..
Yo, I was there.

I know some of y'all cats saw me....my hotel was right across the street so I was just chillin' around the line while everyone was lining up for the first show.....I ended up goin' to the 2nd show and Nas put on a sick performance.

I was rockin' the Yankees jacket & NY fitted with the white/navy 1's. Anyone see me?

I also went to the show in Frisco....
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