Did Eastbay change thier.....

Nov 20, 2006
International order policey??

I ordered today for the frist tiem in a long time. and the tax amount was Ontario's tax(thats what the girl told me over the phone) . Which is fine by me. But if i get charged More sales tax at the door , im gonna be heated. I think this might be my last eastbay order forever.
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I don't know but that 35% "duties" (brokerage) fee is a turn off.
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you wont get charged anything else,dont worry. they charge you 35% and thats it.customs are included in that
Eastbay is dong that so you don't get hit by unexpected customs.

This is done so you don't have to pay customs or taxes...if you do something's wrong.
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If, I dont hvae to pay no duties on top of the tax included in the order, i have no probem paying straight up.
My shoes were shipped on The 5th and arrived on the 11th.

no extra duties. they di write on the shiping slip shoes were ade in Tiwian

I dont mind payin the tax straight up, more so if they by pass customs so quick
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