Did Vegas get Penny Foams?

Aug 16, 2002
I never heard a final answer. Someone told me that Shiekh got them during All Star Weekend, but I heard nothing about that at the time. I am really bummed that they didn't drop here and was wondering what anyone knew. Thanks!
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yes...it seems like the ONLY place to have them were shiekhs during all star weekend. suite160 and laced didn't get them in. if undftd openned up earlier, then they would have had them. their cali locations didn't send them any...they sold out within min!!!
I moved from ABQ (figured this wouldn't be as hard out here :smile: ) I will be scouring the buy/sell forum, Ebay and the like...Still chilly in ABQ?
I am on the NT Legit List: 0155 airgolwp
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