Different DMP box sizes?

Nov 28, 2008
What's up NT. I have 2 different DMPs... and I just realized that the box/pacakge on my sz 10.5 is significantly larger than the box/package on my sz10...

The shoes, dogtags, and booklet inside look identical, so I doubt one of them DMPs is a fake.

Is the different box/package size normal?
Different shoe size different size box pretty simple not much to think about.
"significantly larger" i think he means his box is way bigger than what you would expect from only.5 bigger
significantly larger

The CDP sz 10 and 10.5 boxes are the same size. "Regular" Jordan shoe boxes are the same size when it comes to sz 10 to 10.5 also. I understandthat a 8.5 and 12 would intrinsically have different sized boxes to fit different sized shoes.

Does anyone have multiple DMPs that are different sizes that can confirm what I'm talking about? Thanks.
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Different shoe size different size box pretty simple not much to think about.
right ..................
why making this pointless threat
i have a lot of cdps and go from 10-10.5 depending on what was available and i can say the 10s boxes are longer but skinnier than the 10.5s...the 10.5s areoverall in a bigger box but not by much, maybe a half and inch or so....

but if it is ALOT bigger than maybe you might have to look at the shoe to tell if they were fake or not (which is what you should be doing anyways)
honestly the box isnt gonna tell you much...shoes will tell you everything...

and regular nike/jordan boxes differ depending on size and also if it is a runner/low profile shoe and if it is a basketball shoe/or high top....
the best way to explain it is look at the boxes for a 10.5 for AF1 or dunk lows then look at a box for the YEEZYs or hyperdunks...there is a big difference
They have like 3or 4 sizes of box.. I don't remember the exact numbers but for example..
Sizes 6-10
on and on...

Can you all READ? First he was asking DMP package, and the size differences between the box of size 10 and 10.5. Its funny how most of you just jump in andtrying to answer somthing you have no knowledge of. Mixenuts, it will be hard to get your answer here from kids don't even have a single set of DMP letalone Multiple sets.
I think they group sizes to certain boxes. For example, sizes 10.5-12 will have the same box size. Just like with insoles in some shoes, sizes 8-9 are the samesize.
I have a size 12 and a size 13 DMP but unfortunately, my size 12s are in a box labelled for size 13s so I really have no info at all! But I know for the CDP6/17 I have a 12 and a 13 and the boxes are quite different in size.

They don't make a unique size box for each size, they just make a box for certain ranges,
it's possible that 10 was the biggest size in one range for the DMP and 10.5 was the smallest in the next range,
which might mean that the size 10 box is the same size as a size 8.5 box, while the size 10.5 box is the same as a size 12 box.

Basically, there has to be a jump in box size somewhere, you probably just happen to have two shoes right at one of the jumps!
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