Different Flywire?

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Flywire is very helpful to me though, but also very confusing. Here, on the Hyperdunk 2012 and Lebron X, the Flywire is pretty thick and somewhat adjustable. On some shoes, though, like some Nike trainers from 2009 or so, the Flywire looks embedded into the fabric, and not-so-adjustable... I couldn't help but notice that one is thicker. On Footlocker.com, I ran across these Nike Zoom Victory Elite trainers, which have a mix of the 2 different Flywires.View media item 445146Here, on the forefoot part closer to the heel, you can see that the Flywire is thick, and looks like it can be roped to tighten or loosen on your foot according to how tight you do the laces. Then, there's the thin, embedded Flywire like I mentioned, near the toe area of the forefoot. That Flywire didn't look to effective... But anyways, can someone please confirm this for me? The Flywire seems to vary from one shoe to another...
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yeah that's called new generation fly wire or dynamic flywire. differ with flywire in the past like in hyperdunk 2008, lebron 8 , etc
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flywire increases stability. the thinner embedded flywire seems to give more structure and stability whereas the thicker dynamic flywire creates stronger stability when needed for example when you're in motion, foot flexed.
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The embedded flywire that you're talking about is supposed to be a material called vectran which is supposed to minimize weight (by removal of materials) without compromising stability. Shoes like the kobe v and the first lunaracer have the vectran flywire, but also have some type of overlay (like nikeskin on the kb5) which makes it look embedded as you said. The original goal, like I said, was to minimize weight but keep the stability.

The current revision of flywire is just nylon and has a focus more so on fit and flexibility opposed to the original intent of stability and removal of materials. 
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