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hi could someone help,i have just received an order from kickz.co.uk,my issue apart from the fact that they ignored my emails about cancelling the order,is that the shoes have different manufacturing dates,the left shoe has dates 11-14-12 and 01-25-13 but the right shoe has 11-14-12 and 01-23-13 two days difference,also the lining on the right shoe is visible at the top of the lace holes.is it normal for the dates to be like this,or have i received a dodgy pair of trainers.many thanks in advance.
Joined Jun 17, 2013
just to follow up with this,i contacted nike with regards to this and the person that responded back to me actually had a pair of air max 90s on and his had different dates on them too.

as far as the lining showing,its cause enough for a return of the shoes.


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shoes can have different manufacturing dates especially when its a large production run.

its even possible that your left shoe and right shoe have different dates. happened a lot with the recent black red Jordan XI release.
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