Dipset - Santana's Town Parody [Video] Vol. LMAO

Joined Jun 30, 2007
Anybody seen this?
Sorry if I'm late or if this is a repost..

But my goodness this %%!+ had me dying the other day

Can't post the vid because it has cursing but you can find it on 2dopeboyz or youtube
Joined Jul 19, 2004
Yeah, I saw it on 2dope. Pretty well done if you ask me.

On another not, how much swag is that kid lacking? He did everything so unlike Juelz.
Joined Jun 30, 2007
You right. The vid was well put together.

I just can't get over this McLovin look-a-like as Juelz
Joined Mar 14, 2006
I just peeped it. Had be crackin up. When he shut the screen door on the stick up kid.
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