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Apr 23, 2003

Bedroom DJs who can't actually be bothered to, you know, mix records and such: You're gonna be thrilled by this next bit of news. According to USA Today, Jay-Z and Eminem have joined our man DJ Shadow in attaching their names (and beats) to Activision's latest. The special-edition release of DJ Hero will reportedly bundle greatest hits CDs from both artists, a limited edition controller, a "DJ stand" (whatever that is -- perhaps a gilded pedestal like the one Sven Vath performs on?) and a metal traveling case. If you're into this sort of thing, hit up the gallery of screenshots below, and do make sure you peep Shadow's lengthy interview with Game Informer, where he goes over his involvement with the project in significant detail. Trust us, it's quite a read.

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b smooth 202

Dec 21, 2004
time to kill all the white people I know in this game cause they %*%*!$ with me in guitar hero
Feb 23, 2006
Originally Posted by B Smooth 202

time to kill all the white people I know in this game cause they %*%*!$ with me in guitar hero

.. i kill em on the drums though
Jun 21, 2007
I know for sure Z-trip is in this, and I'm gonna bet that Q-bert is gonna be in it too.

With that being said, I hope this gets kids to buy real turntables. Watch Scratch
Sep 17, 2005
Jay-Z and Eminem spin a musical game out of 'DJ Hero'

By Mike Snider, USA TODAY

The upcoming DJ Hero video game just landed two heavy hitters as MCs: Jay-Z and Eminem.

Both rappers are bringing their music to the newest offshoot of Activision's successful $2 billion Guitar Hero franchise.The game, played with a turntable-shaped controller, is due out this fall for PlayStation 3, PS2, Xbox 360 and Wii (no price or rating yet).

BLOG: Eminem and Jay-Z got game

A special edition comes with the rappers' exclusive new greatest-hits CDs, possibly including previously unreleased tracks, plus anadvanced version of the controller, a DJ stand and metal traveling case. Jay-Z and Eminem will serve as consultants to Activision and the game's developer,FreeStyleGames.

The complete list of tracks the rappers are providing is still being worked out. Jay-Z plans on including Izzo (H.O.V.A.) andDirt Off Your Shoulder for sure. Also possible: tracks from his in-the-works Blueprint 3 album. "I have a ton of content, I just needthe pipeline," he says. "I love the freedom of (DJ Hero). I could wake up tomorrow morning with the idea for a song and call the guys atActivision and start working on getting it out."

Eminem is more cryptic about his contributions. "I don't want to give away any surprises yet," he says in an e-mailinterview. "DJ Hero will include my music, and I'll be providing additional material as downloadable content by the end of theyear."

Players use the features on the game's controller - a rotating record platter, sampling buttons, an effects dial and a cross fader -to match streams of song tracks, create effects and add personal touches to score points.

"You actually get lost doing it," says Jay-Z, who has played the game. It creates "a DJ's universe," hesays.

In addition to single-DJ action, two players can compete or play cooperatively. Special mixes will let players use the GuitarHero controller. The game spans hip-hop, electronica, R&B, soul and pop/rock with songs by 50 Cent, Beastie Boys, KRS-One, Blondie, N.E.R.D., Gorillazand David Bowie. Superstar DJs such as DJ Shadow, DJ Z-Trip and DJ AM will contribute, too.

"You are going to get over 100 songs from 80 artists and 80 brand-new mixes that have never been heard before, including one withEminem and Jay-Z (together)," says Guitar Hero president and CEO Dan Rosensweig.

"This is a game I can see myself actually playing," Eminem says. "DJ'ing is fundamental to rap music, so it's agreat fit.
Dec 16, 2004
They have some game play vids on, don't show much though. Can't wait for E3 to see exactly how this plays.
Nov 27, 2002
I hope they get some Daft Punk songs in it...or some Tiesto/Chemical Brothers/BT/Calvin Harris songs...I also hope that not every song is a mashup and thatthere's a section where you can break down songs by instrument so you can make your own remixs...
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