Insane. I’ve been trying to off some used pairs on eBay. I had two pairs fail inspection. They are both pairs that were purchased from snkrs, listed as pre owned. They told me my 4’s failed because the box wasn’t the original box (pretty sure it was) and even if it wasn’t, they are pre owned!!!

Spent 30 mins on the phone with them yesterday over this BS and now they just did the same thing to ANOTHER pair of shoes and the reason says for the box… and I know DANG well it’s the box that came with it.

What a waste of my time to sell these shoes, ship them out, have them fail inspection for box issues on pre owned listings!!! Just to have to wait for them to ship back to me.

FFFFF eBay!!

I think I told this story a while back...but I sold 2 pairs of Jordan 1's on ebay to the same buyer. One was a pair of Turbo Greens and the other were Pine Green 1.0's from 2018.

I ship both out and the Turbo greens pass inspection ( or so I thought) but the Pine's fail. Both shoes were purchased directly from FTL, both in great condition. So they send Pine's back to me and ship the Turbos to the buyer. A few days past and I get the returned shoes and I open it and it's the Turbo Greens in the box and the buyer got the Pines. So basically whoever opened up the first package verified the wrong shoe so when the second one was opening by a different authenticator it failed.

Very dumb mistake, extremely annoying.
I wonder who the authenticator was….

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