Do U want KICKSOLOGY reviews? oPEn UP then

Jan 14, 2006
First off Big THANKS to the ppl. at Kenlu uploading thisProf. KcreativiT


this package is not like review by review, after u extract it, it comes out as the WHOLE Kicksology site saved onto your hard drive, so u don't just get the pages for the reviews, u get the whole SITE running from your computer

i opened it up by going into the folder, and then clicking on the "www.kicksology" file, it might take awhile to load up depending on ur computer speed, and for y'all to look out is a error message, it might pop up before the whole page loads up, but just ignore it unless ur computer is finish loading and nothing happens, then u might got a problem
^^nvm, just ignore that, the things that i write is a bit confusing cuz it just comes right off of my mind, and its mostly b.s. half the time, unless its something thats more important
Thanks. I hope professor K make a deal with Niketalk and open up another site only for NT members.
THANK YOU!!! whoever made this...

wow.....hyperflight review....ADANs....adidas KOBE...lots of my favorite shoes I used to rock....and the always classic I3 Playoff II review...niceeeee

btw where can we find the newer ones? because I remember quite a few more review before he finally shut down.....

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so sad that he shut down!
I loved the JXVIII review!
Perfect source of shoe info
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
thanks in many languages!
I hate torrents now! they never let me download them
but this is perfect!
Damn, thanks man! Old thread, but I'm sure you guys won't mind me bringing this back up!
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