Do you get into the cultural customs of your girl?

Jan 14, 2006
Those of you that have/ had relationships with females from another culture, how did you approach that cultural change?

Whether it be food, or the way you present yourself, what do you do about the family etc.

For example, you're african american and youre with a girl from Kazakhstan.

im not talking about the ones where you're caucasian and you're with a girl thats from India but have pretty much taken North American customs intotheir life
..just behave in the same manner you would want her to behave with respect to your family customs

be respectful
Matter fact just the other day I was looking up Colombian restaurants and cookbooks. There is one in the city we might check out this summer. An yea I stayworking on my spanish too, mamis love if you know a few words.
it personally comes down to food. i try some, but some cultural stuff is just nasty if you dont grow up eating it.

and if you dont eat half the stuff thats on the table. i think thats pretty disrespectful.

what do you do about this.
food slays me. she always tryna get me to eat some bs.. she need to go somewhere with that.
dont mind everything else..
Kind of. My girl is black and I'm mexican and I go to church with her. Black churches in the south are different from other churches. I stay clappin andjammin with the choir. Cant's help but feel the energy.
I use to dance with my girl to Mexican music. Her family use to cheer me on when I got on a roll.

I love trying new things though, so I never had a problem with it.
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