Do you guys ever have these days?

Joined Apr 6, 2008
The past few days have been absolutely terrible yet i just cant seem to be sad, im actually pretty optimistic and i have no idea why, i should be horribly depressed. Has this ever happened to you guys? Life has just really come along and shown how painful it can really be but i left my house today to go to class and as soon as i opened the door it was sunny, and it hit me that everything was going to be ok.
Joined Jan 11, 2006
--Im sure everyone has had days like this.
--Brushing things off and gettin dirt off your shoulder.

--And your PHX Suns are doing well right now too. Thats gotta help some OP.
Joined Nov 12, 2006
Originally Posted by Crazy EBW

Of course. Turning a negative into a positive is one of the best feelings.
Absolutely. Sounds like my daily grind... Just being able to make the best out of life.
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