Do you like diss songs? Vol: They used to be cool.

Joined Apr 17, 2004
I'm not talking about the 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule type of beef, I'm talking about the ones where the rappers used to be cool then everything went sour.  Do you like the diss songs that come out of it, or do you sometimes wish they could've remained cool and kept making great music together?

Like The Game and 50...  Game has made some hella entertaining disses out of it, but those 2 dudes were MONEY on The Documentary, and they could've really strangled the rap world had they not fallen out.
Same with the Hot Boys.  My favorite group of all-time, but I gotta say that BG made some incredible diss tracks on Wayne (Get Ugly, Triggaman) and so did Juvie (A $%$)
And Bay heads know... I would've loved to see Explosive Mode 4, but the Messy Marv-San Quinn beef spawned a CLASSIC diss (San Quinn- Fence Hopper)

Sometimes I don't know if I'm upset that these groups didn't stick to doing what they do best, or if I'm kinda happy that at least some good tracks came outta the beef.  What's y'all take?
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