Do you still use the N word?

Joined Jun 17, 2004
After watching the Anti-Red Cafe video in this thread, I face palmed for a good twentyminutes at the garbage being spewed.

I personally stopped using the word about 3 years ago. It does slip at times not going to lie, and if repeating rap lyrics I'll use it. But that'swhere it stops.

I think the word is an ugly one, I used it all through HS but around the time I was turning 21, I said to myself "N_ is such an ugly word I'm going todiscontinue it from my vernacular." It was tough at first but after the first month it was easy. I replaced the word with "dude" pretty much."These dudes is stupid," "what's good my dude," are some of the phrases I began to use.

I don't think it was a result of "growing up" as I still have friends my age and older than me that still use it. I don't criticize them ortell them not to use it, it's their choice. But they also don't use it after every other word like the ignoramus in that video.

So NT I ask you, how many of you still use the word? I assume a bunch of you still do, since it can be used as a term of endearment but I'm referring tousing it in abundance amongst peers.
Joined Feb 11, 2008
I still say it, probably always will...I dont OD on it like them dudes did in the vid though
nor is it being said around every single person I know either
Joined May 13, 2008
I try not to unless it's used in a joke.
If I don't wanna hear other races saying it.... then theres no point of me saying it.


Joined May 4, 2009
I also dont say it in front of my white friends. but I've honestly been slowing down on it.
Joined Oct 29, 2003
Never used it.
It never rolled off my tongue right, especially with a mother who had the backhand slap patent pending growing up. No Thanks.
Joined Jan 23, 2007
I nvr use it unless I'm repeating rap lyrics or here on NT from time to time.

I don't use it at all in everyday life and it annoys me to the max when mexicans/hispanics say it. Most of the time they think it makes em sound hard SMH.
Joined May 11, 2004
im not black or hood by any means, but that dam word stays slippin out of my mouth at parties (like maybe 3 times at most but its bad enough.) i always feelretarded when it happens but the black dudes around me dont mind so its not as bad cuz i guess they kno that im not forcefully saying it and they kno it justcame out naturally.
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