Do you think creases ruin Jordans

Sep 19, 2007
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My BMP's crease so easily and my V's also crease easily. I hate it when it happens, but is there any way to prevent it? What do you think?????
........... dont wear them.
think of it this way.....

if you want a shoe so bad,... you will copp it again no matter the price. thats a tip i shouldve taken back when collecting was cool.
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My BMP's crease so easily
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Creases don't ruin shoes at all. They just show that some have the brains to wear their shoes and not let them rot and decay.
are you kidding, another one of these posts
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you can use force fields, they work best for far...but kinda uncomfortable
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i mean, things like force fields work....but that old baggy never hurts...jusnt make sure you form the bags like the inside of the shoe, cuz if the bags just clumped in there you are gonna look hella stupid....
buy force feilds, fold the toes of you sock for stuffing and buy extra pairs of J's. maybe a second or even a third or fourth pair.
Folded up plastic bags over the toes works for me. Socks are annoying IMO. They make your feet way too hot.
To answer the topic question... Creases don't RUIN, they just show wear. We all prefer no creases I'd say, but we'll still wear shoes with creases.
word the quality was pretty bad
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Ummm, the BMP's were actually pretty good compared to the other 1 releases....but just get over it, shoes are going to crease EVENTUALLY, just like we will EVENTUALLY get all wrinkled....its just natural...

and no creasing does not ruin jordans, if creasing ruins jordans then that would mean CREASING RUINS EVERY SINGLE SHOE ON THE MARKET, and thats just not
^^^^^Well said and why is this forum gettin so overloaded with dumb posts, and its not even the first of the month......

I gotta shoe fettish I be in shoe city every week fifty pairs of new nike airs aint cheap..
Nah I can stand some creases.
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Creases add character. I love a fresh pair of Jordans, but some of my favorites have been worn extensively, and the creases just show how much I enjoy wearing them.

Look, I have a 2 E wide foot and my Jordans crease badly and I overpronate so you know the shoes are going to be crooked and I can give a damn what people think. If there is no scuffs or dirt on my kicks then I am happy. you guys shouldn't be worrying about what others think about what you have on your feet. As long as they look like new minus the creases then it's all good to me!
I see kids walking in school like ducks for they can't crease their j'z

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