Do you think Hulu/TiVo/DVR does more harm than good?

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In light of the Sara Connor Chronicles being canceled because of lack of ratings it was expressed if you added up the viewer from television, DVR, TiVo andHulu the show actually had a very large fan base. That said, Hulu and DVR isnt counted, only TV. While Hulu, TiVo, and DVR are the most convienant wouldnt yousay it does more harm than good? Whats the point of Hulu, TiVo, or DVR if what you're watch is being cancelled? Course, the alternatives are to includeHulu viewings as is(wont happen) or to increase the number of ads that play on Hulu. I think that's a fair trade.

The ratings numbers are in the toilet and that's including the previous week "The Last Voyage of the Jimmy Carter" which was a superb episode but had 3 million viewers depending on which angle you analize the ratings and who you get them from. It's not that TSCC doesn't have the viewers. If you added in DVR, TiVO, and Hulu then the true viewership approaches an estimated 7 to 10 million viewers.
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I DVR pretty much every show but 24. Networks should take DVR, TiVO and Hulu into consideration when it comes to ratings. It's ******ed to just baseratings on what people watch live. DVR is so much more convenient.


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Yea it harms the t.v. shows because people aren't going out there way to watch them anymore... they hit the internet or DVR...

I know I do it... Even with movies... I can't recall the last time I been to a movie theater... but i'm going to see The Hangover tomorrow though
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