Do you think Kanye will sign Lil Mouse?

Joined Sep 10, 2005
I don't know. I just haven't heard much about labels checkin for Mouse and seein as how Kanye always puts Chi-Town people on, I figured he'd be someone interested.
Joined Mar 28, 2004
Who is gonna sign a little kid rapping about doing murders and waving guns?

I know Keef is young too, but this little dude would bring a **** storm of controversy
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Joined Jul 9, 2013
He will put anybody from Chicago it seems

He put artist on from his home more than anybody in the game

...He put Chief Keef on the album, he prolly want one of those young thugged out artist on his label...
Joined Jun 7, 2004
Mouse is buns, no one would care if he weren't 12 years old...the music sucks
Joined Oct 10, 2008
nobody should sign or support lil mouse that **** is disgusting

I like a lot of chief keef's stuff but i thought it was pushing it with him rapping about the things he does

but having this lil *** boy run around rapping about murdering people is out the window
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