Do you think violence is a part of Americas fabric?

Created from greed, violence and inhumane acts. Will die under the same conditions.
thats deep

Its a part of us (as Amercians and as humans). But it is a part that we can consciously rise above. But that wont ever happen tho.
America was built off of violence..
Sure but that's hardly different from other countries. My country (Belgium, obviously) was built in part off of colonizing parts of Africa. Particularly Congo.
While also committing arguably, and in my opinion most certainly, the worst atrocities of any nation's colonization in Africa.

Every single period of human history is littered with bloodshed. It's just a part of human nature.
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Systematic/Institutionalized Racism, Poverty, lack of Social Services, stripping people of their cultural identity, lack of well paying jobs in the result of cooperation’s outsourcing work, marginalized ethnicities, legalization of high-powered weapons in certain states, promotion of violence in media, prevalence of drugs nationwide, Street-level to Organized Crime since the 1800s, dismantling of middle-class to upper middle-class black neighborhoods in the early 1900s to mid 1900s, gang culture in LA started by white gangs bullying minorities(and other parts of the country), forcefully expelling Native Americans from their land, Wild West self-governing communities developed the individualistic mindset, etc.

All of these contribute to violence in our country. So you could say it’s human nature, but these are the reasons why the US is a lot of more violent than other first world countries.
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All states and governments interact in a power dynamic. Ultimately the one with the most might wins.

The deeper picture though, governments interact in greed , corruption and violence against other governments so that citizens of a nation don’t need to partake, and can instead focus on raising their families and working.
Of course and we know why
When ur country was founded
on the death
and destruction
of multiple races of people
What else would u expect
It’s like this country can’t help itself
Like it’s addicted to war death and despair
All that America is the greatest country on earth
The American dream blah blah blah
Is just bull**** folks in this country say
To try and make themselves feel better
Hell if we being real
The whole country in fear of an uprising of violence
Of people tired of the violence and seemingly hopelessness
Of where this country is eventually headed
Bum *** America
Country really lowkey trash and hypocritical

“Got money for wars but can’t feed the poor”
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