Does anyone wear their Jordan 22's to hoop in?

May 8, 2007
I am just wondering if anyone wears the Air Jordan 22 to play ball in and how do you like their performance so far??

I have been hooping in mine since I bought them
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I have been hooping in my Black/Red since I bought them too. It is impossible to play with the ZM so I use the Air pods. Work alright
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The performance is spectacular! I ball outdoors and I'm very impressed! As for the Zm pods after some games they feel perfect!!!
It's pretty much the only shoe I've played in since February. I played in the White/Black-Red for a couple months, now I'm wearing the White/Caro-Orange XX2 5/8 and am about to pick-up a pair of Black/Red Chicago XX2 PE. I love these shoes, one of my favourite performance Air Jordan of all-time.
Have played in them for a few times now. They're great shoes performance-wise, however, I seem to have off-games when I use them. Reason why I ditched them recently in favor of other shoes.

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I've played in most of the higher profile nike and jordan shoes from the last 2-3 yrs. These are one of the top 3 favorite ballin' shoes for me during that time (ZK2 and Zoom Soldiers are the other two). They do take a little getting used to because of the heel cushioning, but they are worth it. Just a great shoe.

2 of my teammates from my bball league rock the 22s and they seem to like them,. i havent heard any complaints from them. they dont look very good to ball in since they look bulky in the back and really minimal in the front of the shoe, but thats just my opinion. i almost copped a pair during the 40% off but passed to get another pair of 2k4 lasers.
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I'd rather play in 2K4's than the XX2's, but they're not a bad shoe.

The court feel of the XX2 is just a bit off for me. I do want to get the lows though, I think playing in them will be much better for me.
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