Does This Mean What I Think It Means??

Joined May 28, 2005
i got a message from my girl a lil while ago sayin
"i miss u n i think i really want somethin from u 2, n i dont understand y i feel this way?"
what else could it mean
Joined Nov 4, 2007
Originally Posted by lacoste nostre

She wants to give you the swine flu. smh

she wants you to say the L word to!
thats wat i think it is yo... she jus wants u in errsense of the word... prepare to be hounded each and errday.
Joined May 28, 2005
Originally Posted by DeadsetAce

she wants you to say the L word to her
thats one thing i was thinkin
She probably wants a baby.
that was the other
but its funny cuz she usually keeps her feelins and all that to herself but as of late shes been a lil more emotional i mean idk
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