Doner Kebab


formerly colombia
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They're all over Europe. Its basically a gyro, they're the perfect drunk food
Couldn't be more accurate, literally almost every time I'm out in the city with friends we end up getting that kebab at 3AM 
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found some spots on Yelp and will hit one up today

but i doubt they'll be as good as europe :smh:
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I wish there were Greek or Halal spots closer to where I live. I'd put myself into a gyro coma.
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this is a thing turkish immigrants brought to germany (and a few neighboring countries)

pretty similar to what we have here in the states, but i'd have to say a little better tasting from my experience
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Used to murder these in Germany with a order of pomme frittes

Speaking of pommes in Germany their fries where like little silver dollars and crispy never tasted a fry like that in my life anyone know what type they are?
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I'm fasting.

You and me both :lol:
Triple reported.

why did all of us who are fasting click on this thread anyways... like what did we expect :lol:

why did all of us who are fasting click on this thread anyways... like what did we expect :lol:
Idk man .. idk what a doner kebab is .. I thought it was food but, then I thought it's probably someones name.
I was expecting a girl :lol: :smh:
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I'm sure there are some Turkish restaurants in Boston. Just google and check reviews. Best with the yogurt.
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