dont make me wouldnt like me when Im angry

Mar 4, 2003
Incredible Hulk Dunk Hi's

for those that dont know...theyre based off these


Just look at it as 30 more pounds of awesomeness
money, I'm pretty sure it's done already.
Very nice job, you could've made it a bit more, how should I say it... Like broken? On the rest of the shoe, not just the swoosh. Very nice job, once again.
Azubuike - Barnes - Biedrins - Cabarkapa - Davis - Ellis - Foyle
Harrington - Jackson - Jasikevicius - O'Bryant - Pietrus - Powell - Richardson
Hang tags look dope Mannie.

Thanks again for the hookup on those recent AM1s.

Actually, get at me, i kinda have some questions for you aside from shoes and whatnot. Lets get a beer or something.
oo206oo is more awesome than you. Don't argue.
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