Don't steal another man's oreos

Joined Dec 9, 2001
Damn......fat boy went HAM!!!!!!! (Pun intended)

 You see that gut shot??? Look like he took dude breath away wit that one........when they learn with their arms in front of them, its over.

He did slap the *%$@ out of him..........But for some cookies bruh bruh??? C`mon son........thats petty as hell.  (but was he eating them in front of him??  i Couldnt understand what they were saying)

"He he heeeee...Man get out my face man" Like he already knew he was about to rip dude a new one........We need some GIFS ASAP!!!!!!!! The gut shot and the slap
Joined Jan 10, 2010
The punches sound super violent oh my god
, he should have attacked him when he ran out of breathe.
Joined Nov 26, 2007
fat people make me want to throw up... and im not saying that off dudes actions on the oreo... im just saying in general... like how dude gonna have bigger tittys then 90% of women out there ?


Joined Feb 2, 2010
LMAOOOO i saw this earlier, man that fat dude could of easily found a bigger T-shirt I mean c'mon.

Chump with the blue shirt was a straight up sissy, he didnt even try to fight back, dude was just eating his head up.

It prolly was only 3 damn cookies left anyway, and he fighting over them, besides oreos are disgusting.
Joined May 9, 2009
LMAO *SMACK*......."Aye...bruh..."

U can tell it shock the hell outta him by his reaction hahah

Somebody gif the smack
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