Dope Boy Etiquette

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Got a call tonight that one of homies from back home got a gun pulled on him over some drug stuff. This post isn't to condone or condemn street life. What threw me off was the fact that he got a gun pulled on him while he was in the car with 3 of his kids (all under the age of 10).

I aint no street dude at all but whatever happened to the rules or etiquette of how you handled business as a dope boy?

I thought you was supposed to leave the kids out of it.

You mean to tell me you couldn't have caught my homeboy slippin any other time when he was without his kids?
You obviously haven't familiarized yourself with the actions of savages.
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OP seems very naive
Dudes who live by a code are a rarity, people don't even do it in the safe, square, legal world. Likely if your man's finds dude with his family he's still getting it too.
This. Op sound like he was born yesterday. No loyalty in these streets. If people ain't loyal on regular day to day ****, you expect them to be loyal in the game?
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In my city, I recall this dealer's wife got targeted and shot in her car with their infant kid at the back.

I remember while in univeristy, buddy of mine was forced to drink gasoline and burned alive at a beach. We were both in computing science and he was one of the smarter folks in our class. Dude was like zuckerberg technical smart. Sad.
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when it comes to street **** like that it just depends on that day... some days you get caught slippin with your woman/kids and a goon will let it slide... some days its not sliding....
and if you involved in that life you should know better and move accordingly...
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