Doris Burke unappreciation

Jan 19, 2009

Kind of random but something about how she interviews people just irksme. Like does she ever smile? Looking serious all the time. Not a good ESPN personality imo.

Am I alone on this one?
You're not alone on this one. I like Heather Cox more than Doris Burke. While Heather Cox isnt super hot,she's more eye candy than Doris Burke.


I would prefer somebody like Coleen Dominguez though.

She's so dull and boring, has the same face on every time and looks like she barely moves her mouth when she talks. Unappreciated.
Give the woman some dap. She knows hoops. Yes, SHE knows hoops. I don't think any other woman on that network has any knowledge of thesport they cover. Just some goblin-faced talking heads on my damn screen for high school kids to get sprung off of. I don't need that crap. Give me a Doris Burke, Dee Lynam, and try to reincarnate Robin Roberts.
I was watchin a local sports show here and they were sayin on how ErinAndrews (i think) was in the spelling bee challenge for the kids to have a hard time spelling words
Originally Posted by Executive76

I dunno what it is about her but I wanna smash

she's aight with me
I'm with ya bruddah. I would do her dirty

On a related note, she's knowledgeable and I think she does her job like a pro. Perhaps not too much personality, but she does her thing
Doris Burke has reported and announced at every possible basketball level, male and female.

Very much appreciated in my book.
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