Dr. Dre tee in LA

Joined Feb 17, 2008
I've seen a few people walking around LA with this dr. dre tee, it's a portrait of him with a gun to his head in black and white, can't find a piconline but does anyone know where they might sell it? I haven't seen it for sale at venice beach.
Joined Oct 29, 2004
I haven't seen the tee, but it sounds like Shawn Mortensen's photograph. I know FUCT made some shirts with Shawn's photos in the past, that mayhave been one of them.. Shawn Mortensen was an incredible person and photographer, and he shot a lot of great images like that one you're speaking of, aswell as Tupac, and even Biggie's last photo shoot before he was killed. Shawn passed away a few weeks ago. RIP.
Joined Apr 2, 2009
if you just take the jpeg on a CD they'll do them for u at the del amo indoor in compton for 20 ....
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