DRC: Air Jordan Nu'retro III (now with many fine concepts!)

Jan 5, 2003
Ok, so most of you say you hate the nu'retros. Well here is your chance... modify a shoe that we all know and love in your own style.

====> ???

my shoe is coming later.
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This is an interesting DRC, I might actually submit.
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no offense to your drawing which i think is alright. but if jb is thinking of doing another nu retro i hope some terrorist drops a few bombs on their headquarters.
I am def. going to be in this one. I will work on it tonight, and put it in tomorrow.

This should be tight, maybe they will get some good ideas on what we like.

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......I may have to get in on this too :D

sunonox:not a bad concept. I would say just clean it up a bit.

what i did with this one (and all my other concepts) was i sketched the outline, messed around in photoshop a little cleaning it up and slapping on the logos, and finally colored it and cleaned up the outlines.

any suggestions on my process? How do you do it? (just wondering)
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^^^^not everyone has the means.....but get a scanner for sure. Ask for one for x-mas or something. You can get them for 100 bucks. Then you can draw the shoe (which will clean up your shapes and lines), then color it (though I personally use colored markers and pencils) in photoshop and cut and paste on it. Just a humble suggestion. Great concept though! Keep it up!!!
no offense to your drawing , but your concept doesn't include the main elements of the jordan III the way it should be !

.cement leather parts
.plastic eyelets
.plastic heel piece
.jumpman on tongue & heel
.vis air
.mid cut

All those items must be kept the way they were originally designed to make a nu retro ! And why put a strap or add a XIV logo , when the jordan III is one of the cleanest shoe ever designed .....

.cement leather parts: ?
.plastic eyelets: yes, they are there
.plastic heel piece: its there
.jumpman on tongue & heel: its on the tongue
.vis air: its there, just not so well-drawn
.mid cut: ... i traced the shape of the original shoe.

And why put a strap or add a XIV logo , when the jordan III is one of the cleanest shoe ever designed .....

well the point of a nu'retro is to slightly change the look and that was what i did...

and its not the XIV logo, its the "jordan shield" straight from Nike Media.
RIP Jam Master Jay--- Sonunox
maybe using the XIII jumpman would look a little better. there's just something about the shield that looks... well... off. VERY NICE concept nonetheless. P.S. i like the strap W/ the "jordan" on it. :smile:

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OK, one thing. Very nice, but forget the jumpman that is on the side, it makes it look too busy and unbalanced.
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I have a rough sketch of how I want to do this. But the front toe with the elephant print just won't work for me. It looks too much like the KIX Chiefglider. So I still deciding if I should keep it or not.
OK, here is my entry. I replaced the plastic eyelets with chrome and put in a full air max visible sole. The inner bootie is hurache, not leather, but I kept the distinctive heel shape. The heel counter has also been extended down the lateral side. Nothing to amazing, but I like em...

my scanner was trippin, so I had to take a digital still instead, which blows. Also, the sole rises up and there is a carbon fiber shank underneath (slightly visible)
Kerker: ^^^why did you edit your post?? You can call em trunners if you want homie. No love lost if that's your opinion.
Very hot. Good job with the elephant print. Nice interpretation of the toe. Im still going to get rid of mine tho.

As for the Trunners comment, I think hes just pulling your chain.
Thanks Arch. It is my obsession with the divided sole and curved toe box that earns me the trunner comments. That is just my style. No worries.
The first pics look like a skater shoe.
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