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Feb 4, 2007

whats good people...

yeah i am over here at PENN STATE and i am planning on transferring to Drexel U for personal reason and what not..

i come around philly occasionally and it is a cool place - i would defintely would want to live there, but my concern is Saftey with all the hoodlum dudes running around. So how good/bad is the area? Any input on the school itself? anything?

your help would certainly be appreciated..

PS ; penn state is wack.lol
drexel is a completely different college than penn state, culture wise. it's not really as much of a typical "college", more like an institute.

the area to the west of drexel is not great, not horrible. but you could easily live in center city (anywhere from broad to 20th and bainbridge to race) and have a nice walk or short bus ride to campus (34th/market-@#%$).

i almost went there for undergrad, looked at it for grad school but moved to nyc.

as for safety, everytime i'm in that area i see like 500 upenn cops. if that makes you feel safe. i feel safe no matter what, but that's just me.

the murder rate is crazy in philly, but for the most part (with the exception of that crazy drive by/police chase/shooting at 15th and samson) those happen in concentrated neighborhoods. there are some areas close to drexel, but it's no where near as bad as the area temple is in.

if i were going to drexel i'd try to get an apartment on/near rittenhouse square. or if you had a car society hill/queens village/maybe old city.

get at me if you have specific questions.
I'm a freshman at Drexel now and I lived my whole life in Philly. As of late there has been a lot of crime around Drexel. Mostly armed robberies and stuff like that. You should have no safety concerns when you are on or in a close proximity to campus. Alot of people around here are freaking out about safety issues but if you look at where the crimes occur you'd understand. They usually happen Friday and Saturday nights and it's usually a small group of kids walking to a party that is way to far off campus to walk without a squad of people. A genearal rule of thumb is dont go past spring garden and in the past month every incident was either on or north of spring garden.
You can get a reasonable appartment or house if not on, then very close to campus with little to no worries of being in danger. Like phillyboy said, public safety is on nearly everycorrner and theres been alot more fuzz riding around too. Honestly, I've yet to feel threatened thus far and I don't think you have anything to worry about. As for the school, it really depends upon your major, but academically drexel is pretty sound.
So there my two cents, lmk if yoy have any more questions or concerns.
i am a business administrative major with a focus on technology.

How hard would it be to transfer?
how good is there business school?
i talked to the school and they said 24 credits to transfer which is great but do you know what kind of Gpa they look for?
how is campus life? i might would want to live on campus since i am going to be a SOPH.
How crowded does the area get? Is everything walking distance? (malls,shoe stores)?
Party- frats etc, how do you guys get down over there?
Big classes? or small classes?
Do i need my car to get around?
Ladies? how are they looking over there?
this is basically my first year in PA over at PENN so i don't really know how rough the winter is lol..

basically anything that would help me

I really appreciate your help my dudes.
It's pretty easy to transfer in to Drexel but it might be hard to get recognition for all your credits. I'd talk to the addmissions office about all that stuff. There business school is pretty good, I just switched majors to Business Admin. Everything you need is in walking distants or a cheap trolly, subway or bus ride away. Depending upon what classes you take will determine the number of people in them. You dont really need a car, not alot of people have them. There are a nice amount of fraternities to choose from and ther are a few house parties everynight. The are usually relatively crowded but you'll figure that out. Winters are pretty cold probably just as cold as Happy Valley...anything else lmk. I dont get on NT everyday so i'll get back as soon as I can.
I live in Philly and don't think its that bad at all. Crime happens but like somebody said its mostly in certain parts. I guess when you lived in thehood for so long stuff people on here are so
about is nothing. Idon't know but thats the vibe I get cause its mostly cats that are used to being in suburban areas that act all scarred like they are going to get stuck upas soon as they leave the house.
hahah OH Naw did u say hoodlum dudes.. WOW lol knock a man for his muslim religion y dont u.. point blank read the news an look at the stats. more bodies thendays an ppl always get robbed but drexel in west philly and thats no where near bad as TU area, less u around the club koko bongo but aas a student u more thanlikely wont be partyin at philly clubs on their nights so u wont have to worry about the reaccurring homicides, lol
penn state is wack? jesus... if you think drexel is gonna be a better full college experience, you're nuts...

unless you're looking for a city living experience rather than a university

I'm not hating on drexel heads, but it's completely different than state college.

As far as crime and all that, I'm from philly myself and it's all about being smart about where you go and how you handle yourself. Temple's prettybad and even right outside lasalle and st.joe's isnt that great .... You gotta expect it from city living
i could really careless about the parties, the reason for my transferring to Derexel is because i like the city type atmosphere. I lived 5min away from DC so iam not really used to the whole country - deer hunting thing lol...
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