Drift Vibe - StaticMotion (Video)

Joined Sep 17, 2005
That was a Subaru Outback. hahaha. It was cool cause there were people in Toyota Tercels, Suzuki swifts, and other cars that you wouldnt normally find on a track, and after a few of the more experienced drifters went on track, EVERYONE was grabbing the e-brake trying to slide around. It was cool to see. The Blue Silvia 240 has a Nismo 1.5 LSD, the rest of the drifters were running welded diffs.
Joined May 10, 2002
sick vid
. Looks like alot of fun. Too bad you aren't closer to do a vid of our Krew
Joined Sep 17, 2005
Originally Posted by EmnabtnacesoRJ

Dope vid man

Do u know how to drift??
No, not really. I've driven friends cars and can slide around a few corners. I'm determined to get a decent chassis this summer and start though. I had a 240 before but it was a pos. It would have fallen apart if I had tried to drift it.
This summer though... This summer.
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