Aug 11, 2006
Does anyone know where i can get a bottle of everclear, preferably the 190 proof. i know its kind of illegal in some states but some one has to sell it. I knowbevmo sells the 151 proof, but i really want the 190 proof.
Im located in the san jose area, so prefer if there is somewhere to buy it, its located around that area.
You know what..I'm about to be 25 this year and I've been wondering that same question since I first drank at 14-15 years old. LOL. Ever since I heardabout everclear I've been told it's been banned. So were very late on getting some. 190 proof of everclear is like swallowing a fireball. If you wantsomething close..drink some gas from the gas station. Hahaha
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