Driving Through CT... any place fun for me to stop?

May 2, 2001
Driving on I95 this weekend to Rhode Island this weekend...

figured I can do a pit stop somewhere in CT...anywhere fun for me to go?


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probably the best idea for a pitstop would be pizza in New Haven. Pepe's Pizza and Sally's Pizza are both renown.
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actually, yea.. i used to do the trip from boston to nyc weekly so i know the i95 route all too well.. in new haven, right off the highway, there is a dope spot along the water where you can park and walk around. in the summer, theres usually something going on over there--a fair or whatever... its a dope spot you can park and walk around...
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dirty, i am from rhode island. what do you have planned here?

providence has the water fires downtown, newport by the ocean is hopping also. lots of nice rest and bars and fine women hanging out in newport. if your looking for some nikes and rare forces try expressions shoes. they have about 4 stores here in and around providence. have fun.

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I'm going up to Coventry (dunno what's around it) for my friend's kid's bday party..

AMlows...appreciate the tip...do you know what exit #?

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Selling: DS Brazil Dunk Low sz 9.5
anyone want to trade a size 9.5 air safari for my size 9?
coventry is about a half hour past the conn - r.i.border. not sure of the exit number but their are 2 coventry exits.
hopkins hill rd. and the one where you can see the home depot from the highway. anyway coventry is about 20 minutes from providence. good luck.
ayo dirty... i want to say its exit 47 but im not 100% sure... its definitely between like 40 and 50 though.. you will see the area in plenty time to get off the highway...
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yo I think u talkin bout arch street...its a lil building right off exit 3.....they have fairs there once in a while and that building stay havin parties but they suck....only place in CT worth stoppin in is stamford...there's a sneaker spot called SportScape by the Stamford Mall besides that might as well keep it movin thru CT

if u talkin bout like a food pitstop I may suggest Garden Catering in Greenwich place is :pimp:
or the Fire House Deli in Byram also :pimp:
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