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    The last time I did a sneaker collection post was back in May of 2011 (Which you can check out by clicking HERE). Fast forward four years later, here I am again updating and showcasing my current sneaker collection. Within those four years, I have acquired a handful of sneakers I would never imagine I would have in my possession as of today. Looking back, I sold a lot of shoes to further my career in photography and since then I have gained majority of those sneakers back. It's funny how sneakers always finds itself back to me no matter how many times I told myself I'm done with shoes.

    Recently I competed in a sneaker competition and my collection won Best of Show Overall. To me, that's something I'm very proud of because I've always had a love for sneakers rather than the money itself. One of the few goals of Air Jordan's I always wanted to complete was to have most or all of the original Air Jordan I's. I knew it was one of the most difficult goals to achieve but hunting them down is the thrill of it and makes it fun. I'm now only five away from completing the set that was released to the public. I'm only missing Metallic Orange & Maroon/Burgundy, White & Grey Lows, Black & Red AJKO's, & Black Toes. I'm content with my current sneaker collection, but I'm still plan to complete most or all CO.JP Dunks. Until next time, thank you for checking out my sneaker collection!

    1985 Metallic Purple & White I's & Shoe Boxes.

    1985 Metallic Green & White I's.

    1985 Metallic Red & White I's.

    1985 Metallic Purple & White I's.

    1985 Metallic Black & White I's.

    1985 Metallic Blue & White I's.

    1985 Metallic Blue & White Low I's.

    1985 Metallic Blue & White Low & High Set I's.

    1985 Chicago I's.

    1985 Black & Red I's.

    1985 Shadow I's.

    1985 Black & White I's.

    1985 White & Grey I's.

    1985 Black and Royal Blue I's.

    1985 Kentucky Blue & White I's.

    1985 UNC I's.

    1985 White & Red AJKO's.

    1985 Honors Sport.

    1985 Pro-Joggs.

    1994 Black & Red I's.

    1994 Chicago I's.

    2001 White & Navy I's.

    2001 Metallic Silver I's.

    2001 Black & Royal I's.

    2008 White Cement Phat Low I's.

    2008 Black Cement Phat Low I's.

    2008 Black Canvas I's.

    2013 Chicago I's.

    2013 Black Toe I's.

    2013 Shadow I's.

    2014 Black & Gold Melo I's,

    2014 Black & White I's.

    2014 White & Clover Green I's.

    2014 Baron I's.

    2015 Shattered Backboard I's.

    2015 Chicago I's.

    2015 Black & Red Low I's.

    2015 White & Red Low I's.

    Poorman Laser Fragment Custom I's. (Done by me).

    Black & Gold Custom I's. (Done by me).

    2014 Sport Blue AJKO's.

    2014 White &;Red AJKO's.

    2015 The Return Chicago 1.5's.

    1995 Chicago II's. First Pair.

    1995 Chicago II's. Second Pair.

    1995 Chicago Low II's.

    2004 White & Red Low II's.

    2014 White & Red II's.

    1988 Black Cement III's. First Pair.

    1988 Black Cement III's. Second Pair.

    1998 Black Cement & Baby White Cement III's.

    1994 Black Cement III's.

    1994 White Cement III's.

    2001 True Blue III's.

    2001 True Blue Mens & Baby III's.

    2001 Black Cement III's. First Pair.

    2001 Black Cement III's. Second Pair.

    2001 Black Cement Mens & Youth III's.

    1989 Fire Red IV's.

    1999 Black & Red IV's.

    1999 White Cement IV's.

    1999 Oreo IV's.

    1999 Columbia IV's.

    2004 Cool Grey IV's.

    2006 White & Tour Yellow IV's.

    2006 White & Sand IV's.

    2006 Black Cat IV's.

    2015 Legend Blue IV's.

    2015 Oreo IV's.

    2015 Teal IV's.

    1990 Grape V's.

    1990 Black Tongue 23 V's.

    1990 Silver Tongue V's.

    2000 Metallic Black Silver V's.

    2000 Fire Red V's. First Pair.

    2000 Fire Red V's. Second Pair.

    2000 Fire Red V's. Third Pair.

    1991 White & Infrared VI's.

    1991 Black & Infrared VI's.

    2000 Black & Infrared VI's.

    2002 White & Coral Rose Low VI's.

    2010 White & Varsity Red VI's.

    2014 Carmine VI's.

    2014 Sport Blue VI's.

    2014 Black & Infrared VI's.

    2014 White & Infrared VI's.

    1992 Olympic VII's. First Pair.

    1992 Olympic VII's. Second Pair.

    1992 Hare VII's.

    1992 Black & Red VII's.

    1992 Baby Hare & Black & Red VII's.

    1993 Aqua VIII's. First Pair.

    1993 Aqua VIII's. Second Pair.

    1993 Playoff VIII's.

    1993 White & Black IX's.

    1993 Charcoal IX's.

    1994 Shadow X's First Pair.

    1994 Youth Shadow X's Second Pair.

    1994 Powder X's.

    1995 Chicago X's.

    1995 Orlando X's.

    1995 Seattle X's.

    1995 New York X's.

    2014 Powder X's.

    2015 Double Nickel 45 X's.

    1996 Black & Red XI's.

    2000 Concord XI's.

    2000 Space Jam XI's.

    2001 Columbia XI's. First Pair.

    2001 Columbia XI's. Second Pair.

    2001 Black & Red XI's.

    2001 Women's Pink Snakeskin Low XI's. First Pair.

    2001 Women's Pink Snakeskin Low XI's. Second Pair.

    2001 Navy Snakeskin Low XI's.

    2014 Legend Blue XI's.

    2014 Concord Low XI's.

    1997 White & Red XII's.

    1997 Playoff XII's.

    1997 Black Toe XIII's.

    1997 Playoff XIII's.

    1998 Black & Red XIII's.

    1998 Black & Navy Low XIII's.

    2015 Black & Red Low XIII's.

    1999 Oxidized Green XIV's.

    1999 White & Columbia Low XIV's.

    1998 Indiglo Baby XIV's.

    2000 White & Columbia XV's

    2000 Navy & White XV's.

    2000 White & Navy Low XV's

    2003 White & Sport Royal XVIII's.

    Wheat Dunk High SB's.

    White Supreme Dunk Low SB's.

    Black Supreme Dunk Low SB's.

    Flashes Dunk Low SB's.

    Lodens Dunk Low SB's.

    Sharks Dunk Low SB's.

    Takashi Dunk Low SB's.

    Heineken Dunk Low SB's.

    Cali Dunk Low SB's.

    Mahogany Dunk Low SB's. First Pair.

    Mahogany Dunk Low SB's. Second Pair.

    Cascade Dunk Low SB's.

    Orange Supreme Dunk High SB's.

    Sea Crystal Dunk High SB's. First Pair.

    Sea Crystal Dunk High SB's. Second Pair.

    Tiffany Diamond Dunk Low SB's.

    Unkle Dunk High SB's.

    De La Soul Dunk High SB's.

    UNVL BTTYS Dunk High SB's.

    Shy Pink Dunk High SB's.

    Neptune Dunk Low SB's.

    Uprise Dunk High SB's.

    Rain Dunk Low SB's.

    Snake Eye Dunk Low SB's.

    Red J-Pack Dunk Low SB's.

    Beijing Dunk Low SB's.

    Tiffany Diamond Dunk High SB's.

    NYC Carolina & White Dunk High's.

    City Attack Dunk Highs.

    Reverse City Attack Dunk Highs.

    Black & Grey Dunk Highs.

    Ultraman Dunk Highs.

    Orange & Navy Dunk High's.

    Rapid Storm Dunk Highs.

    Metallic Purple & Black Dunk Highs.

    Spark Blue Dunk Highs.

    Haze Dunk Highs.

    Maple Dunk Highs.

    All Red Dunk Highs.

    Reverse Michigan Dunk Lows.

    Ultraman Dunk Lows.

    Veener Dunk Lows.

    Cave Dunk Lows.

    Viotech Dunk Lows.

    2015 Youth Viotech Dunk Lows.

    2002 White & Grey Patent Dunk Lows.

    Team Red 3M Dunk Lows.

    Lightning Dunk Lows.

    Olive Dunk Lows.

    Ross Dunk Lows.

    2003 White & Grey Dunk Lows.

    Brazil Dunk Lows.

    2001 CO.JP Argon Dunk Lows.

    Atmos Dunk Lows.

    Samba Dunk Lows.

    Stone & Obsidian Dunk Lows.

    Maple Dunk Lows.

    Women's Splatter Dunk Lows.

    Women's Daktari Dunk Lows.

    Twisted Prep Dunk Lows.

    Grey & Navy Netting Dunk Lows.

    DJ AM's Personal Pair Germany Dunk Low.

    Kings Pride Lebron XI's.

    Metallic Red & Black Lebron XI's.

    Terracotta Warrior Lebron XI's.

    Miami Night Lebron XI's.

    Black & Gold Vandals.

    Blue & Orange Vandals.

    Multi Color Sk8-Hi Van Customs (Done by me).

    KB x Twelve AM Agassi Inspired Blazer Customs.

    Poorman Supa Dunk High SB Customs (Done by me).

    Untechkle Dunk High Customs (Done by me).

    Viotech Version 2.0 Customs (Done by me).

    Pufnstuf Customs (Done by me).

    White & Red Unkle Low Customs (Done by me).

    Good, Bad, & Ugly AM 90 Customs (Done by me).

    Black & Orange Speckle Customs (Done by me).

    Poorman Homegrown Air Max Light Customs (Done by me).

    Poorman Urawa Air Max Light Customs (Done by me).

    Sub Zero AM Light Customs (Done by me).

    Poorman Kidrobot AM Light Customs (Done by me).

    Black & Red Air Stab Customs (Done by me).

    Teal & Black Air Stab Customs (Done by me).

    White Cement Flight 89 Scrapped Customs (Done by me).

    Black Cement Flight 89 Scrapped Customs (Done by me).

    Teal & White 1300's.

    Lucky Green Cortez's.

    1990 Pixel Court ATC 3/4's.

    1990 Youth Hot Lava ATC 3/4's.

    2008 Hot Lava ATC II's. First Pair.

    2008 Hot Lava ATC II's. Second Pair.

    2014 Clay ATC II's.

    2014 Turbo Green ATC II's.

    2014 Hot Lava ATC II's.

    1991 Black & White ATC 3/4's.

    1991 Ginger ATC 3/4's.

    1992 Women's Air Pegasus.

    1991 White & Lime Waffle Racers.

    All White AM 90's.

    2010 Infrared AM90's.

    Infrared Denim Wash AM90's.

    Atmos Air Max 1's.

    Tiger Camo Atmos AM 1's.

    Honey Mustard Gel Lyte III's.

    Dark Green & Orange Gel Lyte III's.

    Black & Mint Gel Saga's.

    1993 Air Tailwinds.

    2010 Air Tailwinds.

    Pink & Black Lunar Flyknit One's.

    Black Lunar Flyknit One's.

    Turquoise & Pink Lunar Flyknit One's.

    Blue & Black Lunar Flyknit One's.

    Women's Teal Flyknit Lunar Three's.

    Multi Color Flyknit Racers.

    Black Adidas ZX Flux's

    Ocean Adidas ZX Flux's

    Black Adidas Pure Boosts.

    1995 Neon AM95's.

    1997 Neon AM95's.

    2015 Neon AM95's.

    1996 Emerald AM95's.

    1997 Safety Orange AM95's.

    1998 Yellow Streak AM95's.

    1998 Canyon Gold AM95's.

    1998 Navy & Forest AM95.

    1999 Grey & White AM95's.

    1999 White & Obsidian Carolina AM95's.

    1999 Obsidian & Orange AM95.

    2001 Grey & Citrus AM95.

    2002 Fire Pink AM95's.

    Black Roshe Runs. First Pair.

    Black Roshe Runs. Second Pair.

    Black Roshe Runs. Third Pair.

    Red Roshe Runs.

    Olive Roshe Runs.

    Teal & White Roshe Runs.

    Mango V1 Roshe Runs.

    Mango V2 Roshe Runs.

    Women's White & Black Speckled Roshe Runs.

    Black Dynamic Flywire Roshe Runs

    Calypso Roshe Runs.

    Team Red Roshe Runs.

    Black Tiger Camo Roshe Runs.

    Black Yeezy 350 Boost Lows.

    White & Grey Yeezy 350 Boost Lows.

    Yeezy Foamposite's.

    Blue Solarsoft Moccasin's.

    Black Stussy Trainer Lows.

    Viotech Air Trainers.

    Bamboo Trainer SB's.

    Navy Checker Blazer SB's.

    Womans Co.Jp Patchwork Denim Blazers.

    1996 White & Black Uptempo's.

    Women's Tan Air Force 1's.

    Kicks Hi Chukkas.

    Blue & Yellow Blazer Samples.

    White & Grey Samples.

    Classic Samples.

    Olive Future Low Samples.

    L.A. Gears.

    1989 Reebok Pumps.

    1984 White & Grey Sky Force.

    IG - @dunksrnice
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    Good stuff! I thought you quit the sneaker thing tho?
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    Great versatility
    I love seeing the older stuff you don't see everyday. Very Nice! *Borat voice*
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    Wow....amazing collection, award was much deserved.  

    The OG heat...
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    Nice collection!
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    That collection is nice.
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    No original carmine 6?


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    I repped you
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    Amazing collection, especially the Dunks.
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    Awesome collection, love all the crumbling vintage Jordans, real history!
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    Thanks for all the kind words!

    Thanks! I never quit, I sold a lot of my shoes to pursue my career in photography. Basically used that money to get the gear I needed/wanted. After that I regret the ones I sold/traded so I went on a hunt on getting them. I found out that a lot of the shoes I use to have, were expensive and hard to get.

    :lol: I'm working on it.
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    Was looking forward to your post as soon as I saw the title. Great stuff and selection.
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    Good stuff DRN :pimp:

    I think that "WARNING A LOT OF PHOTOS" was an understatement :lol:
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