dunkxchange las vegas magic/all star jump off!!! feb 16th

Apr 5, 2003
The Las Vegas Dunkxchange will be Fri FEB 16th frim 4pm to 8p
Location is
The University Patio
4725 S. Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89119

This venue is across the street from the Thomas and Mack center(HOME OF THE NBA ALL STAR GAME)
This is a great way to move large amounts of kicks, trade and sell them 2. We expect a huge turnout and maybe a nba all star or two. Come out and have some fun, meet some industry people and get some kicks

LOTS OF FREE STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!
excellent! be sure to keep this post alive :smokin

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Dunkxchanges are the HEAT, you guys better go, trust me!!!!!!!!!!!!
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TEAM DUNKINLO, if your not Dunkinlo your not on the team
Will be there, hope to put faces with screen names.
"Where'd you get those?"- Bobbito Garcia
Bring some dope gear from Soleger for me to cop. Oh yeah, and I guess this means my boy Sheldon has to Rest-In-Peace when it comes to dunkxchange huh? The Vegas takeover begins, haha!
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8-10?!? it was 5 lastime! >:
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fee to get in is 10 bucks. we r holding it at a club on all star weekend things go up in price due to the amount it cost to rent the venue out.
Perfect spot to do it. Right across the street from the dorms. You guys just saved me like $0.03 in gas. I'll be there selling my 9 and 9.5 Laser V's, hope somebody wants em... :wink:

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