dunkxchange x active tustin sat aug 25th flyer is posted

ah @#%$ this is 5 minutes from my house but i'm out of town for the one and only dunk exchange ill ever be willing to go to
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tustin is like right after irvine off the 5 north and before anahiem (i think)
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i don't know whats up with the recent ones but the ones i been to theres gonna be a lot of vendors with a lot of sneakers to sell some have really great price some prices are just ridiculous u just gotta look for the right people especially the ones walking around with shoe boxes they mostly give good deals
I don't collect J's I can't afford them
it was dope picked up some half cabs for 65$

i cant belive i couldnt sell my ds tweed 2 nike sb dunks for 50$ =/ size 11

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I went, enjoyed myself. That liquidation table was a great idea, plus the whole store was tax free for the entire event. Picked up some $9 tees, not tax, hey! Oh and I got rid of those MF Dooms, thanks to the guy that bought them, take care of em. I was rocking Olympic dunks by the way, if that matters....
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what up everyone thanks for comin out to the active show. Just a heads up these active shows are to help work hand in hand with a great sponsor of our show Active. We make these shows small and chill we dont want them to be huge like our other shows. We will be doing active shows every once in a while just to help promote active and make a chill enviornment, we are sorry if you thought this was a normal dunkxchange, but we do have a big one coming sept 29th in OC. WE are working on the HOB again but not sure stay posted!!
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