Early openings or midnight releases for fire red III chicago

Dec 15, 2006
do ou think these will have campers here in illinois? and do you think these will sell quick, because I think im coming right at 9a to get a pair.... :pimp:
you should be worried if it was LS but you should be str8. Remember Fire reds, harbors,flips are comming out the same day. some people might skip the fire reds to get the flips and vice versa
^ see ppl say that..but when the black 5s came out it was nearly impossible to get em. i jus got lucky
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i too would lik to know i need locations all i got was u should be ok :stoneface:
lol ne1 at least know where?
lincolnwood mall finishline is mine :evil:
the flips are copped (if i dont buy anything between now and then :\
i will be a proud owner of fire reds an flips. i put in my pre payment at finish line earlier.

now whos got a hot mom that wants to come out saturday morning?
Which of those Wicker Park stores will have the Mikes??

The windy city got kicks too joe
Some of the stores at woodfield will open at 7 am and lincolnwood will be opening at 7 as well.
I know it's kinda late, but anyone know where I can find the Fire Red's in 11.5 in the chicago area, preferrably north suburbs. All the stores I went to only had 11 and 12, the employees bought up all the 11.5. Thanks.
hey^ fire reds are at footlocker on clark or sumthin lol not sure just go to there website they hav locations not sure i heard these 2 guys mentionin it lik 5min ago outside lol
Call plenty of places in the Western Burbs and no luck with a size 12. I just want to get rid of my gift certificate to finishline but forgot these were releasing today. I guess calling around at 11am is to late even for a general release! Rediculous.

Woodfield finishline opened at 0700 and they'd been selling/reserving these all week in advance.
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Hey asnigro, I just came back from Spring Hill Mall and they had the Fire Reds in a size 12, you might want to give them a call. They told me they had a 11.5 and I drove the 20 miles there and the guy said that he made a mistake and didn't have them. But, he was able to find my 11.5 at Hawthorne mall, so I got my 11.5. Anyone else looking for a 11.5, they still had one pair left.
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