Earrings caused bruising and bleeding

Joined Oct 5, 2007
I got my ear(lobes) piercing about 6 weeks ago. All was good until I decided to change them a few days ago to slightly bigger ones. I left my other oens in forthe full 6 weeks. I had my big ones in and they'd hurt like a !$*$% to sleep on. I just took them out because felt like the back was fastened too tight.When I took them out, they bled slightly and were a bit swollen. The left ear was mildly bruised, as it was fastened tighter.

Is this normal or am I @%##+@.
Joined Nov 3, 2008
did u ever take out the smaller ones occasionally to clean??? cuz if u didn't then this would happen when u switch out to larger ones.
Joined Oct 5, 2007
No I didnt take them out to clean them, but I would clean the area while it was still in.

Do you think the blood and bruising is because it was fastened to tight, or am I infected.
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Same thing happened to me. Pierced my ears 7 weeks ago, wore larger earrings, took em out and started bleeding. I just cleaned the area and put em back in. Nobiggie


Joined Feb 24, 2005
yeah u dont gotta worry man i was kinda worried too when i put the big diamonds in my ear (not the jigga boxes) and they bled a bit i was scared i was gonnaget that elephantiasis on my ear lol
Joined Oct 5, 2007
Okay I hope they're alright

I sleep on my left ear too, so maybe that's why they are more *@*$$$ than my right

I just put alcohol on the earing and cleaned my ear lobes, and stuck em back in

Is it bad that it hurt my left ear when I put it back in?
Joined Jun 5, 2003
uhh its not suppose to hurt bro...i would just take them out and let them head/close and get it repierced...my ear got infected once and it was not a prettysight. Healed pretty quick from what i remember...but then again, this was years ago.
if it swells/feels hot/turns red, take em out.
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