Ebay Authenticators stealing items?

Jan 25, 2005
Just purchased a pair of 1994 Jordan 3 retros off ebay. Supposed to come with the box and retro card. Everything was pictured and should have been included. Got them yesterday and there was no retro card and no box top. Just the bottom of the box. Luckily the shoes are very nice but I need the box and retro card! Contacted the seller and he said he shipped everything! Did the authenticator steal these items? I contacted eBay and they instantly closed my case because the tracking number said it was delivered. I feel someone owes me some money for the box top and retro card. Anyone else have similar problems with eBay? Anyone know who I can contact to get something resolved? I even have a video opening the box as proof that these items were missing.
I would ship back prior to seeking a refund. Item didn't arrive as promised.
You can appeal the denial. A few months ago I bought a pair of foams listed as 11.5, but they arrived authenticated but size 10.5. No idea how the authenticator missed that, but I got an automatic denial when trying to return. I did the appeal, explained the situation, had to provide some extra pics, and eventually got my money back. My situation is a bit different but it can be done.
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