Ebay Form request..

Jan 4, 2009
NT, I've been using ebay for months now but I have never bought anything. Only sold.

I just need a copy of an e-mail stating that you bought an item. (Basically like a receipt)

This is what the sellers receipt looks like
Dear Joe Schmoe,
Congratulations! Your item just sold. You agreed to ship this item to the buyer within 1 business days after receiving cleared payment. You can send an invoice to the buyer as a reminder to pay for this item.
Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Graphic Calculator
Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Graphic Calculator
Sale price: $20.50
Quantity sold: 1
Sale date: May-14-09 15:09:49 PDT
Buyer: Schmoe Low

xxxxx(jxxxx-ebay@yahoo.com) [contact buyer]
Buyer's shipping address:
John Doe

Smooth Marcy Street
California, NM 87501 Canada
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can someone hook me up with what the buyers email looks like? thanks
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