Dec 14, 2004
I sell some shoes on eBay, haven’t touched them since I bought them from Foot Locker cause I know they run small. Shoes flawless, tags still on and everything. I don’t accept returns cause I’m not doing that ****. Fool contacts eBay talking about the box is damaged.

LOOK AT THIS ****?!?!? I worked at foot locker for 6-7 years, we got maaaad shoes come in like this


I’ve seen some boxes torn the **** up, this ain’t even close. So now I’m fighting with eBay over this ****, this bozo the clown *** had buyers remorse. That ain’t my fault.

Talking about a collectors item. Shoes are flawless.
The way eBay is set up it enables buyers to do stupid stuff like that with no reprecussions.

You can put no returns and be as descriptive and transparent as can be and if the clown has buyers remorse they can abuse that item not as described claim.

I had some bozo do that to me on a Mavs jersey I sold earlier this year. Claimed it wasn’t authentic. Likely buyers remorse as the receipt from the team store and me asking him to explain what about it wasn’t authentic went nowhere. Ended up taking the L on that return despite having a no return policy. Unfortunately for that buyer he sells stuff on eBay so I’m going to get him back with my burner eBay one of these days.
Yea I’ve found eBay it’s not worth it for sneakers. Buyers have the last say and can request a return for any reason and you have to oblige. I’ve actually had buyers buy something, request a refund and then haggle for a lower profe(refund partial amounts).

I’m just sticking to stockx going forward
if it went thru ebay authentication team, push the blame onto them for mishandling the package. given if you have taken picture's of the box in condition it was sent in.
eBay sucks for selling, barely any seller rights despite the fees. They have the biggest, widest reaching market though so what can you do.
I had a situation like that on ebay happen to me as well. I sold a pair of foamposites 2 years ago for $250. The listing clearly said size 13. The idiot seller contacted me 3 days after the shoes were delivered and said the shoes don't fit. I'm like all sales were final. Everything was clearly listed. Then homeboy filed a case against me under the grounds of misinformation. To ebay's credit, they ruled against him. The verdict stated that the seller properly listed all relevant information and that it was the buyer's responsibility to take that information accordingly.
if it went thru ebay authentication team, push the blame onto them for mishandling the package. given if you have taken picture's of the box in condition it was sent in.
Yeah if it was through eBay authentication, I don't think a buyer can even open a claim
Par for the course for eBay. At least you got the item back.. I’ve had sellers force refunds and not even send the item I sold them back. **** eBay.
Funny, I just had a seller reach out to me saying they didn't receive the package. Yet tracking shows that it was delivered in/at mailbox. Told him that he needs to follow up with his neighbors, check areas where the postman could've left the package, and file a claim with USPS.

Checked eBay forums and buyers have said that, even if they file a refund claim, if the tracking shows delivered, they will rule in my favor.

Annoying how the package was delivered on Friday and he's now just reaching out.
I had a similar issue happened in the past with a RRL item.

As you know, RRL is the vintage looking stuff from Ralph Lauren. The buyer said the belt was used, and had mold, but it was made to be distressed and came with the tags.

Ebay was about to side with him until I provided a stock photo which showed it looked worn. They proceeded to pay me :pimp:
Going through something similar with the post office losing my package. It was out for delivery but was never delivered.

Dumb buyer files a dispute 2 weeks after the day it was supposed to be delivered. Like why would you wait that long and not contact me.

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