ebay users with paypal EDIT-how long to confirm?

Aug 25, 2006
Is it possible to get a canadian paypal account confirmed? because most of the ebay auctions only accept confirmed paypal accounts but my paypal account only lets me verify it.

edit- How long does it take to confirm after you submit your credit card info? like is it instantly confirmed or do you have to wait a few days to process?
yes it is. mine is confirmed. i believe its US, Canada and UK that can get confirmed. well i know those for sure but, there could be others.
just add the credit card to confirm address, add bank account to verify.

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im confirmed too like everyone said above.link up your bank account and credit card you can even use a prepaid credit card as well as long as it has money in it and bears your name
mine is confirmed you have to log in to paypal and follow the steps to get confirmed.if the seller needs a confirmed address just make sure you contact the seller before you enter the auction and explain and they should allow you to bid i had to do that before i was confirmed
Got one here get it done its easy and makes it easier to shop on ebay
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got a question for users that have bought stuff from users in the States:
when u use Paypal, how did Paypal do the conversion rate, and was there an extra fee for Paypal to do the conversion for you, and if u use a Bank Account to pay for ur stuff, how is it done
just makesure u got enough money in ur bank account, the conversion is based on paypals rate and there is a small fee.
416 And 250 Canada

Looking For DS Chicago Xs size 9-10.5
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