Echinacea = The Truth

Joined Jun 26, 2005
so i woke up this morning around 3:30 with a terrible cough and slight blood in my spit.   lucky me, of course i would catch a cough the weekend of marleyfest.  NOPE.  i went to the medicine cabinet popped a couple nyquils a tylenol and a bunch of echinacea pills ( The lady at cvs swore by this herb the last time i was sick, so i copped it that morning and was back to normal that night) 

and sure enough i woke up 10:40 cst  feelin healthier than a *@*%!@%+%$# proceeded to download KushxOJ and was ready to put one in the air

Moral of the story :  if your sick, take some echinacea (like 2000 mg every 4 hours)

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Joined Feb 9, 2008
Yes it is my friend. Had me allergy free for 3 years. Had to restock on them this year. Pollen is at a all-time high in Atlanta. I took 2 Echinacea pills in one day. The next day I was great. This plant/pill works wonders.
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