EDGE shaving cream UNAPPRECIATION...vol. for one reason, and one reason only

Mar 13, 2004
This is my gripe....I've been shaving using EDGE shaving cream since I was 17 years old....how come there is NO way to turn off the shaving cream after youpush the button on the initial use? It makes the canister extremely messy....am I doing something wrong here? Do other shaving creams that come in canistersdo the same thing (never "turn off")?
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yea but did you hear about Nas and Kelis?

I know what you're talking about, I have this sample joint that looks like someone nutted all over the front of it.
I know what you mean. I think they build the can in a way where there is still a lot of pressure even after you stop pushing.
Switch to Head Slick. Best shaving cream I've ever used and it comes in a plastic squeeze bottle, so it's never an issue.
It's because of the air pressure in the canister.

Is there anything y'all won't run to NT with?

Use Kiss My Face shaving cream. Comes in a plastic tube.
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