Emeka Okafor took one of the biggest L's ever last night

Joined Apr 1, 2009
completely inexcusable.
you get paid so many millions of dollars to air ball two free throws.
Joined Oct 22, 2004
Ben Wallace and the C from gonzaga both did this like a week ago, which is weird because besides that I haven't seen it either, or at least so frequently
Joined Sep 6, 2007
I'm more surprised that Okafor air-balled twice since he has a legit offensive game. I didn't know he was that bad at the foul line.
Joined Jun 10, 2009
Thats just sad, for the amount of $$ he makes he should be able to make a damn free throw

I'm even more surprised by the second one, like the announcer said- on the second one just heave it at the basket who cares if you miss at least hit something
Joined Jun 14, 2003
Scottie Pippen famously did this way back when. Makes me feel old remembering watching that and my jaw dropping to the floor. I didn't think it was possible.
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