Eminem Got Extorted???

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Dec 18, 2007
not sure if this is true but ill still post this up....... found this info on worlstarhiphop.com somebody was postin up.... very long read..

while in the studio eminem meets spider loc who is a crip from california thats signed to g-unit..loc steps up to eminem & says he knows hes signed tog-unit & 50 is his boy but hes still a man & needs to know why eminem made those racist tapes.em tried to explain that it was cause of some girl,butloc & some other crips in the studio didnt believe it & they had eminem pressed up on the wall in the corner saying hes lying,& asking him are youa @%*!$!% racist?? em would say no & they would tell him hes lying.

eminem is answering them but they are very aggressive & eminems voice starts to break up when he speaks like if hes about to cry or just faint from a heartattack or have a panic attack.loc tells eminem what the !$%% are u gonna cry,I don't give a !$%% if u cry we from the hood & men dont cry whenconfronted.one of the crips with loc calls em a %@!+@.eminems security walks & gets in between em,loc & the other 4 crips

50cent & Lloyd banks walk in & are surprised to see loc cursing at eminem.50 takes loc to a private room & tells everyone to chill out.he tells emnot to leave that hes going to talk to loc & he'll be right back.50 goes in the room to talk to loc.while waiting eminem starts freaking out.he startstelling banks that they he doesnt know if loc & 50 are planning to kill him or beat him up.he asks banks if they gonna jump him & banks says hell nothat 50 is actually trying to help him & didnt even know that loc would step to him in that beef way

50 comes back & tells eminem that he spoke to loc & everything is ok that it was a misunderstanding.loc comes out & tells em that he misunderstoodthe situation.so they shake hands & start making music

later that day loc tells eminem that he understands that he didnt mean to make that racist song but just cause he understands it that doesnt mean that his cripfriends or guys from his hood will understand.he to eminem that the crips he rolls with dont care about jail,or killing or getting killed & they from thereal hood where shooting eachother is a normal thing

..loc says that the crips love shooting people up & they might not understand why he made that racist song.eminem begins freaking out saying please tellthem I didnt mean,please help me make them believe it I'll do anything not to get shot..so loc says he'll see what he can do to convince the crips thathe aint racist.loc goes & talks to the crips.a few minutes later loc & the crips come back

the 4 crips tell eminem that they believe him but !!%+%% in their hood might not.eminem says hes willing to do what it takes to prove hes not racist.loc tellseminem that there are crips doing jail time & doing be getting much money sent to them & theres crips in the hood that are behind on rent money &those crips will be thankful if eminem helped them out & they will even believe that hes not a racist cause a racist aint gonna pay no black peoples bills& send money to black people in prison

eminem agrees to pay but they have agree to not hurt him & they need to tell the crips in jail & in da hood that hes not a racist.loc agrees &tells eminem not to worry that the crips wont harm him.so eminem pulls out his check book & starts writing large amounts on different checks & sendingthem to different hood !!%+%% & jail !!%+%%.once a week em would have to resend money to all those guys

When spider loc wasnt around 1 of the crips told eminem to give him his phone # so that he can call him up in case anything comes up.eminem gave him his#.eminem gave alot of checks out to alot of people and eventually they weren't only paying rent with it.they would go to strip clubs,get high &drunk,buy new cars,& some would buy drugs to sell
LOL @ spider loc....................idk why but once i seen his name i started laughin

Who wrote that *%#%?

Am I supposed to believe that this person was there to give these specific accounts of conversations?
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It's true.

But as in a friend that clowns around a lot.
lol like Em doesn't constantly have armed and brolic security on hand,

"ooh the crips are comin for ya, because of those tapes you made when you were 16"

Worst Story Ever
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