Enslaving NBA Superstars Vol. Damn Cant They Get A Break?

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lol enslaving? really?

those are the rules. if they want a 3-year commitment and a player cannot fulfill that requirement - I guess they can't make the team.

seems like everyone except Bron and Wade are making a big deal of this.

personally I can care less if Lebron and Wade skip out.
Chris Paul, Kobe, Durant, Bosh &Dwight still = Gold. 
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this is like the brett favre situation ... say what you want, but favre can show up whenever he damn well pleases and start at QB for the Vikings ... anyone crying about that is an idiot ...

i pray lebron james doesnt "get a spot" on the 2012 olympics if he doesnt show up for FIBA ... LOL
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Should it matter if he gets some NBA players just chill and be happy who you have.
This is the attitude that caused the downfall of USA basketball 6-8 years ago.
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This is Jerry trying to look like he means business but theres no way in hell LeBron wont be on that team. He'd be fired from that job with the quickness.
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They don't have to play in the Olympics. They have a choice but if they choose to then they have to play the Championship games that go along with. You can't like Shaq, chill till the playoffs come then go to work, you gotta play the full season and the playoffs. Same goes for Team USA. If they don't like it then quit and don't play for the team altogether.

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We were all on board with the new Team USA before and during the Olympics. They recognized the need for strict management and bringing the best players to the team. And guess what... they were rewarded with the gold.

I don't feel bad for the superstars, they're making millions of dollars playing basketball and they get to play for their country on one of sport's grandest stages. Playing for Team USA should be viewed as a privilege and an honor, not something done in passing.

There's no way Colangelo doesn't invite Lebron and Wade, but he's trying to put his foot down and make an "example" out of them so other players don't try the same thing.
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enslaving ?
. I'd give my child just to be in their spot. Well probably not but you get what i mean.

These guy are very well paid and not to mention they're playing a damn game of basketball
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I like this rule, although he won't enforce it when it comes to Bron, Wade etc.

This is why we lost in 2004, so many players backed out and that whole roster who took home Bronze was the blame.

When the people who was at fault was the ones who backed out


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It isn't that serious because Jerry knows damn well LeBron will on on Team USA '12 Olympic Squad. He can keep talking that mess.
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You know damn well Lebron and D wade will be the 2012 team. If I were them I would just skip it this year. Colangelo aint paying their salary, they arent machines that can play competitive all year long.

In the real Olympics year they should have NBA player composed team but in the World Championship years they should use an amateur/young NBA guy team.

Isnt that what they do in Hockey? Crosby aint playing every year for Canada?
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he's just talking smack he knows damn well he's not winning no gold with out wade and lebron.....softy
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